Skilled Regional 887 Visas

This is a permanent visa for people who have lived and worked in specified areas of regional Australia.  

Inquiry via email only: 

Must hold Skilled Regional Provisional visas such as:

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489
Skilled Regional Sponsored Subclasses 475 and 487
Skilled Designated Area Sponsored Subclass 496
Skilled Independent Regional Subclass 495

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Temporary Graduate Subclass 485 Visas

This visa is for international students who have recently graduated from an Australian education institution.
The 485 visa allows you to live, work and study in Australia temporarily after you have finished your studies. 
There are two streams under this visa – 
(1) a Graduate Work Stream (valid for 18 months) and 
(2) a Post Study Work

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Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489 Visa:

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489 Visa: The visa is a 4-year provisional visa. You and your included family members can only live, work and study in an approved regional area to obtain permanent residence.

Eligibility You: Have Competent English or higher,
Pass Skills Assessment in an occupation on

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