Resident Return Visas – application arrangements commences from 1 July 2016.

Application processes for Item 1118A are removed and replaced with Item 1216(3A) processes to allow an application to be made inside or outside Australia but not in immigration clearance.  The application can be made on Form 1085 and either:

Posted to:
Couriered to:

Norfolk Island Visa Application
Department of Immigration and Border Protection
GPO Box 9984
Norfolk Island

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Regional Certifying Bodies for specified regional postcodes – commences on 1 July 2016

This Instrument specifies the postcodes within Australia that define Regional Australia under Reg 5.19(7) and the relevant Regional Certifying Body for specific postcodes. The Instrument also specifies the entire Territory of Norfolk island to be included in the definition of Regional Australia

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Occupations Removed from the SOL

There are 9 occupations removed from the Skilled Occupation List, they are as follows:

Mining Engineers ANZSCO 233611
Petroleum Engineers ANZSCO 233612
Metallurgist ANZSCO 234912
Environmental Health Officer ANZSCO 251311
Occupational Health and Safety Adviser ANZSCO 251312
Dental Hygienist ANZSCO 411211
Dental Prosthetist ANZSCO 411212
Dental Technician ANZSCO 411213
Dental Therapist ANZSCO 411214

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