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Subclass 417 Working Holiday Visas attract condition 8547 limiting work for any one employer to 6 months.  Exemptions can be gained from this time limit for au pairs and in other limited exceptional circumstances.

Au pairs

Au pairs who can demonstrate they have worked for a family with young children for 6 months, can be approved for a further 6 months employment (total 12 months).

Other exceptional circumstances

  • While the WHV holder is waiting for the decision on a visa that can be granted onshore for example Subclasses 457, 820, 402, 186 and 187
  • While the WHV holder is receiving workers compensation as a result of a workplace injury
  • While undertaking disaster recovery work following a declared major disaster
  • In circumstances where the workplace has been affected by a major disaster and the VH was unable to attend work due to the disaster

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